Celtic Thunder gets a makeover
The eBay Special... 

What started out as "freshening up" has gotten WAY out of hand.   
Tech Article, Rocker Box Build UP


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I've posted some videos there of a fix for the transmission
and a bike tour.

A back injury in kicked me off the bike for a while so I decided it was time to do the bike all over again.
I torn it down to the frame and started collecting parts. 
Now that it's done the only stock parts left are the frame (modified), swing arm, the engine cases and fly wheels
Due to other distractions, house projects and such, it took me a lot longer than I had planed on.

I kinda call it the eBay special because
I've sold a lot of my my old parts on eBay and bought a lot of the new ones there.


These links are the tear down and mock up

Frame Problems Engine Miscellaneous 
Mock Up Suspension Electrical

Were I get parts
Fabricator Kevin
You have to see Kevin's stuff
Custom Chrome
American Legends
Thunder Heart
GMA Brakes
Washington Valve and 

Some Links
Chopper Web  
Hawg Ryder's All Harley Tech Forum
The Horse Back Street Choppers
Discussion Boards

bikebefore.jpg (35327 bytes)This is how the bike looked the day I picked it up (rescued) 23 years ago. This is Bike number 9 in many years of riding
I road it for a year and then...

bikeafter.jpg (42771 bytes)

...did this to it. 
I tore it down to the frame, added some new parts, painted it, reassembled it and road the hell out of it.